Lee Hartley Carter

As this engaging book makes clear, what we have in common is often much more powerful than the differences that divide us. Building empathy and trust, rather than trying to be ‘right,’ offers a path toward positive change—on an individual level and for our culture at large.
— Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD Author of Transcend
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Hey There! I’m Lee Hartley Carter. I’m A Communications Strategist & Messaging Expert.

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a registered trademark of maslansky + partners

Have you found that it's harder than ever to get your message across and be heard the way you want to be heard? If so, you aren't alone. In this environment - with more messages coming at us than ever before, where everything seems to be politicized, and facts don't seem to matter - it is harder than ever to communicate and engage with our customers. But it is possible. It just takes some hard work and discipline. Using my over 20 years of experience, research, and an approach I call active empathy, I can help.


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